About Us

Bali Private Driver Services are available in our website which is Bali Full Day Tour Packages is Day Trip we offer to visit the amazing tourist destination with duration 8 untill 10 hours, Bali Half Day Tour Packages is the day tours we offer to you to enjoy the beauty of places of interest with duration 5 till 6 hours, Bali Adventure Tour Packages is the activity adventure from land and water sports activity we offer to you with reasonable price or you can choose.

Although we provide a package tour with a track that we have set in this web, but our guests can choose the time and track of the tour they want at a price that is different from the package that we have determined, may be more expensive or less correspond to the desired place , All we could talk about in accordance with the respective agreements.


My name is Eka Arimika, I'm The founder and IT support of Baliver "Bali Private Driver". Let us to serve you as your professional private driver and tour guide.

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Instagram : @jcx.id


My name is Made Suparman or just call me Made, I am a professional private driver and tour guide. I am Balinese and very proud of my islands rich cultural heritage. Having a personal Bali Driver will make your trip more interesting, safe and relaxing.